Q.: What are the most important parts about the new changes to the immigration laws?

A.: Pensionado - Income:
The new monthly pension income requirement is US$1,000. One pension allows both husband and wife to apply for residency

Rentista - Income:
The new Rentista monthly income requirement is US$2,500. The exact same amount of US$2,500 applies to all applicants, whether or not the applicant is single, or married, or married with children.

Inversionista – Investment Amount:
The investment made must have a registered or verifiable value of at least US$200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand dollars).

Q.: How long are my documents valid?

A.: Your police report and birth certificate are vaild for six months from the date they were issued.

Q.: What can I have on my criminal record?

A.: It's easier to answer this by saying what you cannot have. Murder; trafficking in illegal drugs/narcotics; trafficking in human beings; trafficking in weapons or explosives; sexual crimes against minors, the elderly or the disabled; domestic violence; membership in certain designated gangs or in organized crime; etc.


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